Monday, August 25, 2008


I love moving. I guess thats a good thing since my husband is US Active Army and we usually move about every four years. We well have moved yet again. I think this is the biggest move I have ever and will ever make. On June 9th 2009 my husband, my pregnant self, and our two young daughters got on a plane and moved from Augusta, GA to Naples, Italy. What an adventure and chance of a life time. For the next 4 years we will be living in Italy.

Now all moves have their own amount of stress that comes with them. This move however was extreemly stressful. At least I thought it was. Maybe it was the fact that we were moving to another country where we didnt speak the language and we didnt know where anything was. Maybe it was the fact that I knew we were going to have to wait close to 2 months for our household goods to arrive. Maybe it was just the thought of flying 10+ hours with a 3 year old and a 15 month old, or it could have been the constant morning sickness I had. No matter what it was, I was stressed.

Now that we are finally here in Naples, in our apartment (on-base housing), and we have all of our belongings life is starting to calm down. Well, at least until baby girl #3 arrives at the begining of January. I figure since baby #3 is less than 19 weeks away, now is crunch time for me to get this house organized.

So far I have the girls room pretty organized. I still need a few more plastic shoes boxes for the closets and I need a label maker so I can of course label what goes in thoes shoes box. Since we dont have a Walmart here in Italy I have to wait until the NEX (Navy Exchange) gets thoes items in again. Or I could go out on the economy and pay double what I would pay here on base....since I'm kind of "cheap" I think I'll just be patient and wait.

Ok back to my girls room...and Pictures!! I love pictures. You can have someone describe in great detail what something looks like, but until you see a picture you will truly never know exactly how it looks.

This is my middle daughters closet. Shes currently 18 months so I try the best i can to keeps the really messy toys or toys with small party on the top shelf. I dont want PlayDoh everywhere and I definatly dont want her chocking on one of those little LiteBright lights that my 3 year old loves so much. The canvas box on the shel under her clothes holds all her PJ's, socks, and pants. I originally wanted to hang up all her pants too but the child has too many clothes and they just wont fit. So I compermised and into the box they went. The next 3 shelves are toys. See why I need thoes plastic shoes boxes and labels?? Granted it could be MUCH worse than what it is right now, but it could be SO much better to. I will be checking the NEX everyday until they get in thoes shoe boxes and label maker. If all else fails I will give in and either order tham on-line or shop on the economy.


Ok on to my oldest daughters closet. Shes 3 years old and is actually pretty good about putting away her toys most of the time. At the top of her closet is about a billion stuffed animals. I still need to go through the stuffed animals and get rid of a lot of them. They just take up WAY too much space and she rarely plays with them. Its time to find them a nice spot at the local thrift store. Then of course are her clothes and a canvas box just like in the other closet. This box bascially hold the same stuff...PJ's, panties, and pants. Then we have all her dress-up clothes hanging up nicely where she can easily get to them. The 3 blue canvas baskets on the bottom shelf hold more dress-up stuff. One of the baskets is for purses, another for shoes, and the last for everything else dress-up.


This is what their room looks like as of right now. It's not quiet done. I have some wall stickers that I ordered from today . I also want to get a cool looking hanging light or even a cool floor lamp, probably from Ikea, to add more color to the room. Since we live in base housing there is a strict No Painting policy. I personally think not being able to paint really stinks. In our house in GA we pained and it looked GREAT. I guess there are thoes people that would pick some, well, odd colors, and the military is trying to prevent this. Totally understandable, but for people like me who just want to add a little color to their child's room and are willing to paint it back or have it pained back white, I believe we should be able to do this. Oh well, I dont make the rules I just follow them.


These are the wall stickers I ordered today. I think once all is said and done it will be AWESOME, and very kid friendly. Like one of my friends said, "What kid wouldn't like sleeping in candy land every night?"


I guess the main reason I "needed" to get the stickers was because of the wall across from the window. Can you say BORING! I can not stress enough how much I HATE white walls. They just feel so steril and unwelcoming to me. Especially in a childs room, where colors and shapes help them learn and grow daily, white walls are drab.


Hopefully by the next time I blog I'll have the new baby's room finally decorated and organized. If you think the girls' room is organized just wait. The baby's room is extra organized. Bascially so daddy can find stuff easily. This will be the room that I go label crazy in. Dont ya just love when prego's are nesting. I think once the baby's room is finally done I'll tackle the master bedroom, then the kitchen, and finally the living room. I dont dare touch my husbands office even though I really want to. I just close the door and tell myself "thats his space". Maybe one day I'll finally get sick of it and just take over making it all nice and pretty like the rest of the house.

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