Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Not mine....I did have one and it was wonderful. Yesterday however I attended a double baby shower for 2 friends of mine. Another friend of mine and I decided to go in together and make diapers cakes for both of them. Since my friend is a very busy lady with 3 kids of her own and a home daycare to run I told her buy the cake topper and other little things to go on the diaper....ill get the diapers and ribbon and what ever else is needed to make the cake and ill put both the cakes together. Keep in mind that neither one of us has ever made a diaper cake, but I thought it looked pretty simple and I could do it. Well after a couple hours of rolling diapers I finally finished both diaper boy and one girl....and considering that italy doesnt have any craft stores that I can find and I had to work with what little I could find at the NEX....I think they came out awesome!

boy cake


girl cake


both cakes together


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