Friday, December 5, 2008


The title says it's 1am and everyone is asleep. Everyone except for me. Im up cleaning, decorating, and organizing. I should be tired but Im just not. Emma's b-day party is saturday and I want to make sure the house looks perfect...or at least as perfect as it can look. Ive gotten a lot done in about 2 hours. I got the rest of the Christmas decor up and looking nice, I cleaned up the living room and dining room, I swept, I'm about to load the dish washer, and maybe fold some clothes.....I figure by then it will probably be around 2am and hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep. Lately I just havent been able to get comfertable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep for any amount of time. Hopefully staying up a little later tonight will help me sleep more than 2 hours. Well, now its time to bring some stuff out to the storage closet, then load the dishwasher, fold some clothes then off to bed.

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