Wednesday, September 24, 2008

busy busy busy

Ive been BUSY!! Between my two girls and my wonderful husband leaving for a mission in Spain, Ive been kind if running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Finally though i have some time to sit down and relax. Actually I havent been relaxing ive been organizing and reorganizing.

I recently found some AWESOME things to help me get my house better organized and decorated =) The first thing I found was a 7 drawer dresser! It's not really my style...its kinda that shabby chic look, but thats not a problem. Im planning on sanding it down and then paining dark brown and black then taking steel wool to it and doing a faux finish type thing. I also need to get some new knobs and handels. It works in my head. Whether or not it will work in real life.....thats a differnt story. Either way I couldnt pass up the price...FREE! Actually someone threw it away in the garbage across from my home so I grabbed it! Can you believe that someone would actually throw this away?!?!
So far it doesnt hold much. A small basket on top for key's, cell phone's, and loose change. A fake flower that needed a home, and in the middle top drawer is my reminders book and take-a-long folders for everyone. I need a picture or something up there too.

Since I brought it up I should probably explain my reminders book and the take-a-long folders. The other day I had an appointment and I needed some papaer work filled out. Well I had put the paperwork in my husbands office. That was probably my 1st mistake right there. I went in to get all of the paper work that I needed to have filled out and it was gone. I tore the office apart looking for it, but at least I gave up. I ended up having to go to the WIC office and get more of the same paper work to have filled out. UGH! I hate when that happens!

The solution....take-a-long folders for each member of the house. Now that paper work that I needed for that day is in the folders waiting for our appointment on Monday. Bascially this is my plan, if i know I'm going to need certain papers for an appointment or something special that could be lost, it will go in the folder until the day I need it. Ok what if I forget about the folder.....thats where the reminders book comes in. The reminders book has all my appointments written down and what I need to bring to the appointment. I check it every night before I go to bed (in case I need to set my alarm) and I make sure everything is set out on the dresser realy for me to just grab it and go the next day. So far its working GREAT. Im sure over time my system will become more complex and I'll add a weekly goal notebook and some other life/time organizing stuff to that top drawer, but for now im happy that I know where my paper work is.

My other wonderful finds, which I actually need to wait and try to find more of, plastic milk crates and nice wooden produce crates. The wooden produce crates are on top of my kitchen cabinets at the moment looking all nice and decrative. I have one so far that I cant use yet. I need to wait for the hubby to get home and cut it to fit under this big pipe thing thats up there. I also have one of top of my fridge. Its holding all the ceral oxes we have right now. i had all the ceral in the pantry but honestly, they were taking up too much space and with my big prego belly its getting too hard to bend down to get them out. I think I might put our extra bottle of apple juice up there too.

The plastic milk crates (all of which were in the garbage behind the commisary here on base) are in the girls' closet organizing their toys justa little better, and in my laundry room. I need to keep checking back to see if I can find more of the plastic crates. I need one for under my kitchen sink, I need another more for the laundry room(I have 2 in there now), and I need 1-2 for the coat closet. My husband store some little boxes and things for his electronics at the top of the coat closet. It doesnt look bad now but I think by putting them all nicely in a crate would make it look that much nicer. Also you can just get the crate down find what you need and then easily put it back. Right now you grab one box and they all fall down on you and then you have to put them all back.....its annoying. So yes, I have become a dumpster diver, and I LOVE it. Plato once said "Necessity is the mother of all invention."

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