Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slackin Sunday

Ah yes, Sunday is finally here! I dont really get any days off being a stay at home mom, but I do less than normal on Sundays. For the most part I just play with the girls, maybe do the dishes and a load of laundry and make the beds. Yes, Sundays are my lazy days. It also helps with the hubby being gone right now. I dont have to help him get ready for work tomorrow. I dont have to have his ACU (Army combat uniform) nice for work on Monday. I dont have to make sure his PT's are clean and put away. He's totally responsible for himself at the nice.

I do have to admit that my day didnt start off relaxing. At 6am my youngest daughter woke me up screaming because she had vomited all over herself and her bed. She continued vomiting over the floors, blankets, bowls, and towels until about 8am. It was not a fun morning. Right after 8am she stopped throwing up finally, ate some Cherios, played like she normally would, and then went down for a nap around 11am. She been asleep since then and it's 1:20pm now. My oldest (who's only 3) and I have been coloring and playing barbies and watching movies since 11am.

Even with the little sick one and all the fun i had playing Barbies, I did manage to FINALLY organize the coat closet. It's something I've been wanting to do since we first moved into the apartment and we were using it to hold the girls toys. Well the toys were cleared out when our stuff finally arried from the states and then it was filled with coats, shoes, boxes and the girls "outdoor toys". There was no real order to anything, it was just in there. Well today we have order and organization....I'm so happy!

Ok so this is before

Could be worse but it could be SO much better.....



Hopefully my wonderful husband will help me keep it looking this nice once he gets home. I rearranged the coats and hoodies, I got rid of most of the big electronic boxes and the ones I didnt get rid of went nicely in the matching boxes. One box holds the electronics and the other holds "outdoor toys". I have also put my diaper bag and backpack on the top shelf so it is out of reach for the girl but I can still easily grab it as I walk ou the door. My shoes that I wear most often go on the top shelf while hubby's shoes go on the bottom. I love organizing things!!

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