Thursday, October 23, 2008


The title says it all....I'm SO HAPPY right now. Yesterday when I went to the NEX to get some stuff to make a sample Welcome Packet for our FRH (Family Readiness Group) I walked down the office supply isle and they had it....Dyno Label Marker!!!! I've been waiting for MONTHS for them to get this label maker in so I can get a little more organized. Ive only started using it this morning for a few things but so far I LOVE it. It was the best $18.99 I've ever spent.

So update on my sample Welcome Packet for the FRG, I'm almost done!!! I walked to bascially everywhere I could think of on base yesterday that someone might go and got any information I could get. Got everything home sorted through it. put the thing I thought were importnat in the packet and the other stuff got put in a file just in case. I took the sample packet over to the FRG Co-Leader and she said it was awesome. I'm really hoping that the commander, paid FRG person and the FRG leader think its good at the meeting Friday morning. There are still some things missing from the Welcome Packet that I think would be awesome to have in there, but honestly I dont think they will get in there before Friday morning. What Im going to have to do is write up a little sheet and list what is in the packet and what is not in the packet but what i think should be in the packet. I would really like to organize the packet with some dividers so when people get it thay know what is what and can easily turn to what they need, but the FRG doesnt have enough money to buy the things we would need to do that. Oh well, Maybe i'll do it anyway just to make it look really nice and impress everyone =)

Ok well it's time to clean up the house and play with my new toy! I'm so excited!!

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