Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pine Sol

OMG I love pine sol.....I remember when I was very young....about once a month my parents would clean house. I would wake up to all the windows being open and a nice breeze going through the house and the smell of pine always made our house smell SO clean....even if the reality was our house was a mess. Well today is my pine sol morning. I think its because im nesting bad right now, but I have wiped down almost everything in my house with pine sol this morning....the windows are open with a nice breeze and my house just seems clean right now....well almost clean anyway. I definatly love cleaning days. I know later today I will come home from being out and walk into my clean smelling out and it will just be so relaxing. Ok well time to get back to cleaning....I still need to do the laundry and clean the girls room and my room.

1 comment:

Becki said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my laundry room although I'm afraid that you may take them back once you see the before pictures!!! lol. Take care.