Sunday, November 2, 2008

total mess

My house is a MESS. My friends refuse to believe this, but its true. I have not cleaned my house in about a week.....except for taking out the trash and doing the dishes and laundry. Other then the necessary things, I haven't done anything. The glass on my coffee table is NASTY looking right now. It has finger prints and sticky stuff from where my oldest spilt some juice. There are toys EVERYWHERE and I still havent made my bed.....I stripped the bed and washed the sheets.....I just never put the new ones on. So Ive been sleeping on my comfertor and using a warm throw as a cover. Honestly though, Ive been VERY busy. By the time I actually get home at night all I want to do is go to sleep. Kind of like right now. It's almost 9pm and I am SO ready for bed.

I definatly have hit that point in my pregnancy where I'm just tired. I have managed to get a few things done. I organized the girls' puzzles finally. Each puzzle is numbered and all the pieces to that puzzle have the same number on them. Then they are put into a 2 gallon ziplock baggie. Then I wrote puzzle # whatever on the baggie. Each baggie with its own puzzle is then put into a little plastic tub which is labeled "PUZZLES" It didn't take long at all but it sure made me feel like I accomplished something.....anything.....this week. I started trying to figure out how to organize her barbies, barbie clothes, and accessories, but they are still kind of one big mess in a plastic tub. Oh well. I'll eventually figure out how to make them all nice and neat.

My husband will be home before I know it so I really need to get the house nice before he come home. Not that it's horriable, I mean I dont need to be on "Clean Sweep" or some show like that, but the house does need a good deep cleaning before the hubby comes home. Thats one of my worst fears. Having my husband come home to a dirty, unorganized, cluttered home. He's coming home to relax from work, not to worry about how the house looks. Well I'm about half dead tonight so its off to bed now. If anyone has any good idead on how to organize barbies and all the little stuff that comes with barbies PLEASE comment. I need all the help I can get right now.

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